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      Equipment Manufacturing

      Mechanical & Electrical Engineering Technology

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      CNBM (Hefei) Mechanical & Electrical Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. (Mechanical & Electrical Engineering Technology Institute of Hefei Cement Research & Design Institute) focused on: powdery material conveying, metering, storage and bulk loading technology R & D and equipment manufacturing; metal materials and automation control technology research and development; Engineering technical advisory services.
      Founded more than twenty years, always adhere to the "unity, integrity, pragmatic, innovative" enterprise culture, the company emphasis on R&D and human resource, has successfully developed: N-TGD steel belt bucket elevator, KXT (M) Coriolis coal dosing and control systems, KXT (S) Coriolis cement raw meal measurement and control systems, KXT (F) Coriolis fly ash (slag) measurement and control systems, KXT (SZ) on-line measurement bulk unloading and control system, HL modular continuous mixers and other core technology products. We have a number of technology patents and know-how which are advanced in the industry.
      The company has received with honor of: National Science and Technology Progress Award, technological progress awards from National Building Materials Industry, Anhui Science and Technology Progress Award, China Building Materials Group technological progress award, building material and metallurgical technology innovation award, two well-known brand awards in China's Building Material Industry.
      Our products have been all over the country and exported to France, the United States, Brazil, Vietnam, Pakistan, Georgia, more than thirty countries and regions, are widely applied in building materials, electric power, metallurgy, chemical industry, food and other industries.
      In the future, the company will continue to base on the cement industry and innovative concept, constantly expand its core technology application areas, gradually build the company as "Universal Powdery Material Engineering Research Institute", to promote the powdery material conveying and metering technologies.

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